4 Things You Need To Do To Get Your Home Market Ready

By: DSR Group

4 Things You Need To Do To Get Your Home Market Ready

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Getting ready to sell your home? Here are 4 things that you need to do to get your home ready! 

1. Declutter & Organize

When listing your home, you want it to feel as spacious and open as possible. And nothing screams 'this home has no space and lacks storage' quite like a cluttered home.

We recommend that you start with removing extra furniture and paring down knick-knacks and decorative pieces. The most obvious places of clutter are counters, tabletops and shelving. Things naturally collect here, but it is also the first place that a buyer's eye will go. Plus, removing extra furniture will help to make your home look more spacious!

Secondly, you will also want to tackle organization throughout your cupboards and closets. Buyers will want to check out the storage that your home offers (especially closets), so making sure that things are tidy and organized behind the scenes is a must.

BONUS: Organizing and purging ahead of listing your home helps make packing a breeze! 

2. Add A Fresh Coat Of Paint

It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour can do for your home.

Not only will the neutral colour pallet ensure that your home is inviting to potential buyers, but the soft paint colour will also open up your home and make it feel light, bright and spacious! 

BONUS: A fresh neutral is also a great way to make an older home feel more modern! 

3. Remove Personal Effects 

Your personal mementos and decor pieces are often what make your house feel like home. This is exactly why we recommend that you keep them safely tucked away while your home is on the market. The goal is to make your home feel like a blank canvas so the buyers can envision themselves in your space.

Think of your home as a model show home for a new development. These homes are decorated and have that homey lived-in feel while still remaining neutral enough to allow buyers to picture the home as their own! 

BONUS: If you feel like your home is too bare after removing personal items, a home stager can help inject that personality back into the home while remaining neutral enough to appeal to a new owner.


4. Give It A Deep Clean

Whether you hire a professional cleaning crew or are ready to roll up your sleeves and give everything a good once over, having a freshly cleaned home is a must for listing! 

Think of it as spring cleaning. You need to go above and beyond the regular cleaning priorities and hit the places that you might not capture as often. Cleaning your windows will help to let loads of natural light into your home. While freshly steamed carpets will help to eliminate any odours from your home and fluff up areas where furniture previously sat.

BONUS: A home that is freshly cleaned boasts pride of ownership which gives buyers confidence!

Going the extra mile when preparing your home to hit the market will yield dividends over the long run and help your listing get noticed and ultimately sell quicker! 

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