3 Tips To Get Your Offer Accepted

By: DSR Group

3 Tips To Get Your Offer Accepted

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It’s no secret that the GTA housing market is HOT! A shortage of new listings hitting the market and increase demand are driving tough competition for buyers. Here are our top 3 tips to get your offer noticed when competing in a multiple offer situation.

Lead With Your Best Offer

When there are multiple offers on the table, you often only have one shot to get yours noticed. This is why it is imperative that you lead with your best offer first since you may not get that chance to negotiate.

As Few Conditions As Possible

In a hot market with an abundance of competition, an offer with fewer conditions will be more attractive to the seller. Waiving conditions like a home inspection and financing is referred to going in firm. However, before you decide to remove conditions, do your due diligence and speak with both your realtor and financing professional.

Write A Letter To The Seller

This personal connection could be what sets your offer apart from all of the others. We encourage our clients to share a bit about their family, why they love the home and their desire to live there. You never know what they might resonate with them so a letter can truly make or break your offer acceptance.

In addition to these 3 tips, working with a well-connected agent who understands the market conditions and how to get your offer is more important than ever.

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